Hillary Friend Anti-Trump Alicia Machado Is Related To Former Cuban Dictator Gerardo Machado

alicia-machado-with-relative-former-cuban-dictator-gerardo-machado-2                   Alicia Machado (left) in costume playing a 600 pound charter, and relative former Cuban dictator Gerardo Machado (right).

Alicia Machado, born Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo, returned to the English speaking American mind during the first of three presidential candidate debates when liberal Hillary Clinton mentioned her name. Putting on a show on stage, Clinton attempted to shame Donald Trump when she brought up Machado’s alleged story of suffering emotional trauma after she became Miss America in 1996 when Trump encouraged her to the lose weight she gained after winning the crown. But in a revealing article where the title, “BREAKING: Mentally Ill #AliciaMachado Played 600-Pound Character In Fat Suit, Then Complained About Fat-Shaming,” explains a lot. The article reveals that Hillary lied about Machado’s emotional state in an attempt to gain a political advantage over Trump.

In Hispanic culture it is not an insult to call someone fat. The title of the widely popular Spanish speaking talk/variety show proves this. It is called, “El Gordo Y LA Flaca.” Translated into English it means, “The Fat & The Skinny.” The show is co-hosted by Raul De Molina who is El Gordo, and and Lili Estefan, who is La Flaca. If calling someone fat bothered Alicia Machado at all she wouldn’t have appeared on the show.

A CNN covered press event in 1997 with Trump and Muchado at an exercise club with a professional trainer hired to work with her, shows she was not suffering any kind of mental anguish when Trump was speaking about her need to lose weight as Miss America. In fact, Machado is seen enjoying all the attention.

As of August 19 of this year, Machado, a native of Venezuela, is a naturalized U.S. citizen. She started campaigning for Clinton on the next day. She lives in a well to do Miami Beach, Florida condo complex on Collins Avenue with her mother Martha, and daughter, Dinorah, born in the U.S. on June 25, 2008. Machado’s mother is from Spain while her father, Arturo Machado, is from Cuba.

According to The Daily Caller, a legal American document, and many Mexican news sources have verified that Machado’s daughter’s father is the notorious drug running gangster Gerardo Alvarez, known as El Indio, or The Indian.

It appears that Machado has a propensity to be particularly attracted to violent strong-armed men like Alvarez. A relative of hers named Gerardo Machado, who came to be known as the tropical Mussolini, was democratically elected to be president of Cuba in 1924, but before the end of his first term he was assuming dictatorial powers. This included seizing control of Cuba’s political parties. By this control he was able to convince them to hold a constitutional convention where his second term was to be six years instead of four. Protests continued to grow over Gerardo’s first term in office. A bad economy and accusations of stealing money for self enrichment forced him into exile in 1933.

During his reign of terror Gerardo exiled those who openly opposed him to Florida. When Gerardo left Cuba he was exiled to Florida but had to leave in as those he had exiled there were looking for him. He eventually returned to Florida and was buried in North Woodlawn Park Cemetery in Miami in 1939.




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