Bill & Hillary’s Criminal Cartel goes back to Their Days in Arkansas – The System is Rigged



Little Rock, Arkansas – Do not let the next several days go by without reviewing this documentation. After your review do everything in your power to help prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president of the United States.

As most Americans, I’m sure you wonder: For all the documented crimes Hillary Clinton has committed involving Top Secret government files sent from her private server to and from her private email address and her constant lies; How is it she is not in jail? We have seen FBI Director James Comey interrogating Hillary saying she did things wrong but failed to indict her.

The following information has chronicled the crimes committed by, on behalf of, or in relation to Bill and Hillary Clinton. This Information documents that before and during his time as governor, Bill Clinton was a dealer of and an addict of cocaine. He was so sex obsessed he was a customer of 100 prostitutes including having had sex with underaged girls. He also had numerous mistresses. As governor he hired corrupt law enforcement officers, and judges to protect him from prosecution. He also worked with corrupt lawyers, and politicians, and together they continued to commit their crimes, cover them up, and advanced their careers for power and gain. These crimes included bribery, blackmail, murder, and yes, the shredding  of documents. The Arkansas media helped close this circle of crime by keeping a virtual blackout on these crimes.

Bill and Hillary then brought their criminal cartel to the halls of power in Washington, D.C. Now with the creation of the Clinton Foundation, their criminal cartel continues. There is no doubt that should Hillary become president it will continue.

Hillary and Bill Clinton exposed as Dixie Mafia

“Do everything in your power to help prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president of the United States.”

      The Clinton Chronicles – The Bill Clinton Murders

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      The New Clinton Chronicles Part 3 of 4

      The New Clinton Chronicles Part 4 of 4


For all the crimes Bill Clinton committed he was impeached for lying under oath about his intimate relationship with 20 year old White House intern Monica Lewinsky  


Bill Clinton on the campaign trail for Hillary May 2016


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